Voucher FAQ's 2.0

We’ve been loving our new voucher system, but there is still some confusion so here’s another edition of Voucher FAQ’s:

1 - Do I need a voucher for a kit or back brace?

Nope - if we have the supplies and time, we will have them listed on the main page of the website available for purchase.

2 - Can I make payments after I purchase a voucher?

No. We discontinued our payment plan and now only offer the vouchers as a deposit and then the remainder of the payment must be made in full. This is to ensure that we are not purchasing supplies for projects that get cancelled.

3 - When are vouchers made available?

We release new voucher spots at the beginning of every month at Noon MST for Crooked Club members, and 1pm MST for the general public.

4 - I want multiple sets, do I need multiple vouchers?

Yes. This helps us to make sure we aren’t over- or under- selling our time each month.

5 - I bought my voucher and paid in full several months ago. Why are you still releasing voucher spots?

Vouchers are pre-sales for upcoming deadlines, and will not be worked on until the older orders are finished. This helps us keep an income stream and plan our schedules in advance. We assure you that your order is still being worked on and you are not being overlooked.

Terms and Conditions

There has been some confusion lately regarding our policies, so we decided to list them here for your convenience:


All items are custom, so unless you are given special permission to do so we are not able to cancel any orders! This includes: vouchers, wings, upgrades, etc.


Because all items are custom, all items are nonrefundable.

Changes to Orders

We understand that sometimes you will change your costume and need to make minor changes to your wings. As long as we haven’t gotten to the final stages, we are able to make adjustments - however, please understand that by changing your design, you will be adding additional build time to your wings and your wish date will be less likely to be fulfilled. The more times you make changes to your order, the longer it will take us to complete it.


When you purchase a voucher spot, it puts you into the queue - BUT, you aren’t guaranteed a wish date and your wings are not started until we have received your total payment. Since vouchers represent a spot in our queue, each voucher is for ONE set of wings. This means that if you buy two vouchers, you are signing up for TWO sets of wings, not that you are able to apply the deposit from two vouchers for ONE set.

Intellectual Property

We love to support the cosplay community, and that is why we make instructions and plans available on Patreon, here on the website, and on YouTube. That being said, we intend our instructions to go toward personal sets ONLY, and do NOT support individuals taking our plans and instructions and setting up their own competing businesses - NO EXCEPTIONS! We don’t care if you are halfway across the world or across the street, if you are using our intellectual property for monetary gain it is NOT OK. Please respect our intellectual property and the years of hard work we have put into making this company by not stealing our designs, instructions, wording from our website, etc. If you find someone who appears to be setting up a business based directly off of our instructions and plans, feel free to contact us so that we can look into it. Thank you for your understanding and respect!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to say we are thankful for all of our fans! :) Due to the upcoming holiday, our staff is taking a few days off to be with family, so please be aware it may take a little longer to receive a response or your order.


Voucher FAQ's

Sometimes, with all of our creativity, we have a hard time clarifying what we are saying - so we decided to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our vouchers! :)

  1. Everything is sold out - how do I order?

    In the fall of 2018, we made the decision to switch to a voucher system rather than trying to allow purchases at all times and in all varieties. This helps us to better control our workflow, allows us to try to meet wish dates more consistently, and be able to occasionally get a full night of sleep. If you want to purchase any kind of wing set from us, even custom sets, you must purchase a voucher to get a spot in the queue. No exceptions.

  2. Wow these vouchers are cheaper than the usual wing prices - why?

    Vouchers count as a deposit for your order - not the full price of the order. Once you have placed your voucher deposit, we will contact you to get the rest of the wing payment.

  3. What if I have a tight deadline?

    We are not able to guarantee any wish dates, so we recommend that you place your voucher order well in advance of when you need it, at least 4-6 months or more. So if your deadline isn’t until June, feel free to purchase a voucher for the January deadline so that you have plenty of time for a buffer in case we have any parts backordered, staff out sick, zombie apocalypse, etc.

  4. I want to order something custom - do I still need to buy a voucher?

    Yes. You are able to specify that it is a custom order in the voucher form and in the final payment order.

  5. I’m international - how do I order?

    You still need to purchase a voucher - just make up a US address, and then in the comments provide us with your actual international address. International shipping often starts at around $150.

A Note About Wish Dates

Hello our fine flock,

Just a reminder note that while we do our best to meet wish dates, they are just that - wishes. We never guarantee any deadlines for any orders because we are unable to control everything in the universe (though it’d be really cool if we could!!) and sometimes our parts get back-ordered, or a staff member is out sick, or one of our tools breaks, etc. But we love you all and do our very very best to try and meet your wish dates!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!!

Just Added - The Crooked Club!

We have a brand new way to support The Crooked Feather - you can join The Crooked Club!

As you are aware, our business has really taken off and we have been unable to keep up with the immense amount of orders we receive. Recently, we switched to a voucher-based system where we only sell a few spots per month for upcoming deadlines to help us keep up.

Our newest feature - The Crooked Club - is a way to help us streamline our voucher process and will help us cover the costs of adding more staff, using a larger workshop, and having better turnaround times.

As a member of The Crooked Club, you will be added to an exclusive list of our best fans and will be given access to special offers, special discounts on prototypes and previously worn wings, and most importantly, provide you with priority access to our voucher sales each month! That means you will be able to purchase a voucher an entire hour before the general public, giving you a greater chance to nab a coveted spot in our queue.

For our beloved Patrons on Patreon with a lifetime contribution of $25 or more, you will automatically be added to The Crooked Club - thank you for being dedicated and supportive fans thus far! Patreon will continue to be an excellent way to support our continued growth and success, and we appreciate each and every one of you who has signed up to be a Patron. Patreon will still be the best resource for tutorials, online chats with Alexis, prototyping discussions, and general DIY things. The Crooked Club is not a replacement for that, just an extension of our commitment to streamline the purchasing process.

If you have not had a lifetime contribution of $25 or more on Patreon, or would prefer to purchase a membership here, please purchase The Crooked Club Membership located on our Commission Pricing page.

Thanks again for being the best fans on the planet - we're happy to have you as part of our flock!

Voucher Information

ALL WINGS AND PRICES SHOWN ARE EXAMPLES! ALL WINGS ARE MADE TO ORDER AND THERE ARE NONE CURRENTLY IN STOCK!  Booking times will be updated on the website periodically, but they are not guaranteed. Please message me if you have a deadline! Your order will be made at the earliest possible time.  Wait times range from 1 to 6 months.  Busy times include Halloween and the Summer Convention Season.  

Due to an overwhelming response to our product we are currently operating on a voucher system. To purchase one of our wings please wait for the beginning of NOVEMBER to purchase our next round of Vouchers for January deadlines. Outside of Halloween and Christmas, which we bulk voucher, we will open available slots at the beginning of each month until they are sold out. These orders will typically take 2-4 months to complete depending on their complexity. Once all the Vouchers sell we lock the website so that those with Vouchers may make their purchases. We do not sell wings outside of the Voucher system except in extremely rare circumstances, such as a highly customized order that does not fit our current catalog, or specific show/performance/movie related orders.

Please feel free to contact us using the form on our Contact page. HOWEVER! Please note that we will not create orders outside of our website and voucher systems except to accommodate international orders. International orders must STILL PURCHASE A VOUCHER. We can tell you what our schedule currently looks like, we can tell you if we are capable of creating your custom design, and we can direct you to various resources. We CANNOT put you on a wait-list, or prioritize your order over people patiently waiting for new voucher slots like we have asked. It is unfair to those who are following the rules that we have laid out.

If you know roughly what you would like, but do not know which design or details you want, you may still purchase a voucher for the type of wing you want and then hash out the details with us later to guarantee your place in the schedule.