Just Added - The Crooked Club!

We have a brand new way to support The Crooked Feather - you can join The Crooked Club!

As you are aware, our business has really taken off and we have been unable to keep up with the immense amount of orders we receive. Recently, we switched to a voucher-based system where we only sell a few spots per month for upcoming deadlines to help us keep up.

Our newest feature - The Crooked Club - is a way to help us streamline our voucher process and will help us cover the costs of adding more staff, using a larger workshop, and having better turnaround times.

As a member of The Crooked Club, you will be added to an exclusive list of our best fans and will be given access to special offers, special discounts on prototypes and previously worn wings, and most importantly, provide you with priority access to our voucher sales each month! That means you will be able to purchase a voucher an entire hour before the general public, giving you a greater chance to nab a coveted spot in our queue.

For our beloved Patrons on Patreon with a lifetime contribution of $25 or more, you will automatically be added to The Crooked Club - thank you for being dedicated and supportive fans thus far! Patreon will continue to be an excellent way to support our continued growth and success, and we appreciate each and every one of you who has signed up to be a Patron. Patreon will still be the best resource for tutorials, online chats with Alexis, prototyping discussions, and general DIY things. The Crooked Club is not a replacement for that, just an extension of our commitment to streamline the purchasing process.

If you have not had a lifetime contribution of $25 or more on Patreon, or would prefer to purchase a membership here, please purchase The Crooked Club Membership located on our Commission Pricing page.

Thanks again for being the best fans on the planet - we're happy to have you as part of our flock!