Voucher Information

ALL WINGS AND PRICES SHOWN ARE EXAMPLES! ALL WINGS ARE MADE TO ORDER AND THERE ARE NONE CURRENTLY IN STOCK!  Booking times will be updated on the website periodically, but they are not guaranteed. Please message me if you have a deadline! Your order will be made at the earliest possible time.  Wait times range from 1 to 6 months.  Busy times include Halloween and the Summer Convention Season.  

Due to an overwhelming response to our product we are currently operating on a voucher system. To purchase one of our wings please wait for the beginning of NOVEMBER to purchase our next round of Vouchers for January deadlines. Outside of Halloween and Christmas, which we bulk voucher, we will open available slots at the beginning of each month until they are sold out. These orders will typically take 2-4 months to complete depending on their complexity. Once all the Vouchers sell we lock the website so that those with Vouchers may make their purchases. We do not sell wings outside of the Voucher system except in extremely rare circumstances, such as a highly customized order that does not fit our current catalog, or specific show/performance/movie related orders.

Please feel free to contact us using the form on our Contact page. HOWEVER! Please note that we will not create orders outside of our website and voucher systems except to accommodate international orders. International orders must STILL PURCHASE A VOUCHER. We can tell you what our schedule currently looks like, we can tell you if we are capable of creating your custom design, and we can direct you to various resources. We CANNOT put you on a wait-list, or prioritize your order over people patiently waiting for new voucher slots like we have asked. It is unfair to those who are following the rules that we have laid out.

If you know roughly what you would like, but do not know which design or details you want, you may still purchase a voucher for the type of wing you want and then hash out the details with us later to guarantee your place in the schedule.