Terms and Conditions

There has been some confusion lately regarding our policies, so we decided to list them here for your convenience:


All items are custom, so unless you are given special permission to do so we are not able to cancel any orders! This includes: vouchers, wings, upgrades, etc.


Because all items are custom, all items are nonrefundable.

Changes to Orders

We understand that sometimes you will change your costume and need to make minor changes to your wings. As long as we haven’t gotten to the final stages, we are able to make adjustments - however, please understand that by changing your design, you will be adding additional build time to your wings and your wish date will be less likely to be fulfilled. The more times you make changes to your order, the longer it will take us to complete it.


When you purchase a voucher spot, it puts you into the queue - BUT, you aren’t guaranteed a wish date and your wings are not started until we have received your total payment. Since vouchers represent a spot in our queue, each voucher is for ONE set of wings. This means that if you buy two vouchers, you are signing up for TWO sets of wings, not that you are able to apply the deposit from two vouchers for ONE set.

Intellectual Property

We love to support the cosplay community, and that is why we make instructions and plans available on Patreon, here on the website, and on YouTube. That being said, we intend our instructions to go toward personal sets ONLY, and do NOT support individuals taking our plans and instructions and setting up their own competing businesses - NO EXCEPTIONS! We don’t care if you are halfway across the world or across the street, if you are using our intellectual property for monetary gain it is NOT OK. Please respect our intellectual property and the years of hard work we have put into making this company by not stealing our designs, instructions, wording from our website, etc. If you find someone who appears to be setting up a business based directly off of our instructions and plans, feel free to contact us so that we can look into it. Thank you for your understanding and respect!