Voucher FAQ's 2.0

We’ve been loving our new voucher system, but there is still some confusion so here’s another edition of Voucher FAQ’s:

1 - Do I need a voucher for a kit or back brace?

Nope - if we have the supplies and time, we will have them listed on the main page of the website available for purchase.

2 - Can I make payments after I purchase a voucher?

No. We discontinued our payment plan and now only offer the vouchers as a deposit and then the remainder of the payment must be made in full. This is to ensure that we are not purchasing supplies for projects that get cancelled.

3 - When are vouchers made available?

We release new voucher spots at the beginning of every month at Noon MST for Crooked Club members, and 1pm MST for the general public.

4 - I want multiple sets, do I need multiple vouchers?

Yes. This helps us to make sure we aren’t over- or under- selling our time each month.

5 - I bought my voucher and paid in full several months ago. Why are you still releasing voucher spots?

Vouchers are pre-sales for upcoming deadlines, and will not be worked on until the older orders are finished. This helps us keep an income stream and plan our schedules in advance. We assure you that your order is still being worked on and you are not being overlooked.