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Capital City Comic Con, Michigan

After 2018’s success and the comic book community’s support, Capital City Comic Con announces the return to the MSU Breslin Student Event Center on September, 21st2019 for their fifth year. Capital City Comic Con plans to bring the same quality programming, exhibitors, and family friendly entertainment once again.

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to Nov 4

Tucson Comic Con

ALEXIS NORIEGA is a self-taught costume maker and wings specialist. She started cosplaying in high school and quickly fell in love with creating and designing elaborate costumes. Once she made her first set of wings for a costume, she was hooked. Her work has been showcased in several viral videos in the last few years, and she has been fortunate enough to create wings for fans all over the world through her cosplay business The Crooked Feather. Alexis has participated as a cosplay guest at several comic cons all over the world both by herself and as part of a local Justice League cosplay group. She hopes to inspire young people to go into STEM fields with her creative mechanical wings.


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to Oct 28

Central Canada Comic Con

  • RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave. Winnipeg MB (map)
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We would like to welcome The Crooked Feather to C4 this fall.

The Crooked Feather is a master craftsman when it comes to all things wings & feathers! Recognized as one of the best wing-builders in the cosplay community, everything is made with an extensive attention to detail. She also takes commissions for her work, and each piece is truly a work of art. Come say hello, gain valuable tips and tricks for your cosplay, or order a one-of-a-kind piece from her while you're there! October 26th - 28th 2018. RBC Convention Centre

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U of A Women's Hackathon

Come join a variety of makers and hackers at the U of A Women's Hackathon! Alexis Noriega is proud to lead a presentation and discussion from 2:15pm to 3:30pm on the following topic:

Creating Costume Wings: From Simple Wire Frames to Moving Frames and Electronics

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Capital City Comic Con

We’re so excited to welcome self-taught costumer Alexis Noriega to #CapCity2018!

Alexis is a self taught costume maker who is best known for her work with animatronic and pneumatic articulating wings and high tech costume props. She has created custom costumes, props and accessories for a variety of cosplay and fashion styles and has a great passion for the art.

Alexis has been featured in an episode of Outrageous Acts of Science on the Discovery Science Channel for her work with articulating wings, as well as in an article on and many random features on sites like Bored Panda, The Fabulous World Trotters, Thrillist, Insider Style, and The Modern Met. She has also created wings for R. Kelly, Miss USA International, and Jessica Nigri.

Alexis is a regular feature at maker/hacker events around Arizona, where she works hard to promote Women in Science and Technology and encourages young girls to get involved in math and science!


We sat down with Alexis to ask her a few questions about her craft.

How did you get started?

I got started cosplaying when I was 16. My first costume (battle angel alita) consisted of sprey painted sports padding and an unhemmed cape. After my first con I was hooked. After that I started making costumes regularly, or as regularly as I could between school and extracurriculars, and maintained the hobby through college. 

Did you enjoy building things when you were a kid?

I enjoyed taking things apart more than I liked putting them back together! I always wanted to see how things worked and moved. I also worked closely with my dad at the house and in the garage whenever something needed to be fixed. We worked on my car, the house plumbing and electrical, and did tons of complicated carpentry projects. If we could fix it or build it ourselves, we often did.

How long does it take you to make a set of large wings?

A 12ft set takes about 80 hours of work. Most of it is not terribly complicated, just time consuming. 

You’ve got some great tutorials online. Do you have any recommendations for cosplayers who want to make their own?

Start with tutorials, but don’t STOP with them. I started with a tutorial to make my first set, and boy did they suck! It wasn’t because the tutorial was bad, just that little things were left out. When making a tutorial I try and think of all of the little tips and tricks, shortcuts, and common mistakes that I can. Thats why my tutorials are so gosh darn long! But we can’t think or remember everything sometimes, and that can lead to the end user not making the perfect set. Start with a small version to try the tutorial out and get accustomed to using the materials. Practice a bit first before diving in. Note your mistakes, look for ways to improve, then try again. My first wings SUCKED! But I sure learned me a thing and kept it up. There is always room for improvement. 

There are so many cool things on your web page! Do you have a favorite that you’ve made?

So hard to say! I love everything I make. I think my pheasant and mixed feather sets are my favorites, though. They are not as complicated. They are not mechanical. But boy… are they fun to make, fun to wear and fun to look at! They always come out so pretty! 

Want to get started yourself? Watch Alexis’ first tutorial on YouTube!

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to Sep 3


Alexis Noriega of The Crooked Feather is best known for her work with animatronic and pneumatic articulating wings and high tech costume props. She has been featured on the Discovery Science Channel, several news networks, and has created wings for such celebrities as R. Kelly, Jessica Nigiri, and Masuimi Max. 

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to May 28

Phoenix Comic Con, AZ

Every year I go to this con, and every year I am EXHAUSTED after but so happy! This is a great con all around with fabulous guests, interesting panels, and a kick ass vendor hall! I will be hanging out with my peeps at the Justice League of Arizona most of the time, so come by and say Hi!

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