How to Order

In the fall of 2018, we made the decision to switch to a voucher system rather than trying to allow purchases at all times and in all varieties. This helps us to better control our workflow, allows us to try to meet wish dates more consistently, and be able to occasionally get a full night of sleep! If you want to purchase any kind of wing set from us, even custom sets, you MUST purchase a voucher to get a spot in the queue. If you are an international customer, you must purchase a voucher from us. If you are famous, you must purchase a voucher from us. No exceptions!! The only items we currently sell that do not need a voucher are: wing patterns, kits, back braces, and our newest fairy wings.

Vouchers count as a deposit for your order - not the full price of the order. Once you have placed your voucher deposit, we will contact you to get the rest of the wing payment. Vouchers are a NONREFUNDABLE deposit. We discontinued our payment plan and now only offer the vouchers as a deposit and then the remainder of the payment must be made in full. This is to ensure that we are not purchasing supplies for projects that get cancelled. If you do not pay your wings in full after we contact you for the remainder of payment, we may cancel your order and place your spot back in the queue, and you WILL NOT receive a refund for your voucher deposit.

We are not able to guarantee any wish dates, so we recommend that you place your voucher order well in advance of when you need it, at least 4-6 months or more. So if your deadline isn’t until June, feel free to purchase a voucher for the January deadline so that you have plenty of time for a buffer in case we have any parts backordered, staff out sick, zombie apocalypse, etc.

We release new voucher spots at the beginning of every month at Noon MST for Crooked Club members, and 1pm MST for the general public. These vouchers will be listed at the top of The Crooked Club page at Noon MST and at the top of the Commission Pricing page at 1pm MST. If you don’t see a listing, that means that the spots are already sold out and you will need to try again next month. You can also check back periodically throughout the month to see if we add any spare vouchers (from people not making their full payments, or getting caught up and having more time to add some, etc).

When you purchase a voucher spot, it puts you into the queue - BUT, you aren’t guaranteed a wish date and your wings are not started until we have received your total payment. Since vouchers represent a spot in our queue, each voucher is for ONE set of wings. This means that if you buy two vouchers, you are signing up for TWO sets of wings, not that you are able to apply the deposit from two vouchers for ONE set.