Do you take Commissions?

Can I order something custom or do I have to pick something from your portfolio?

YES! PLEASE order something new and original! I love working on custom orders and new and unique designs. Certain designs will cost more if it requires new/diffrent materials, but if you have something with refrence images I will be happy to get you a custom quote that would be the same price as if I sold it normally or LESS!

Custom designs do not cost extra so long as you know what you want or have reference images. However if you have no idea what you want and keep asking for new sketches it is $25 per sketch after the first one.  

Do custom designs cost extra?

Do you use real feathers?

Yes, quite a few. Most of the feathers I acquire are either molts (in the case of some exotics) or are culled prior to feather harvest, typically as part of the US (subject to animal cruelty laws) poultry industry. Some pheasants are farmed mainly for feathers, though all of my distributors also use their meat and bone.  As a hunter, farmer, and omnivore, I firmly believe in the use of the entire animal and see no problem using leftover feathers/hide from meat production. I can make vegan wings, though the cost is exponentially higher.

What are the big feathers made of!?  It has to be an endangered bird of prey! WHAT BIRD IS THAT FROM, YOU MONSTER!?

Relax. The largest feathers on most of my sets are synthetic. Birds don't come that big any more. No, I did not murder a California Condor to get them. Why is this in the FAQ you ask, sane citizen? Because people think I torture endangered birds in my basement... apparently (side side note, I do not have a basement either).

Can you make Vegan Wings?

Yes I can! If you would like a fully synthetic pair of wings please message me for a quote. Please expect a 50%  minimum up charge on most wings to account for the additional cost in man hours. This option is only available on sets that already have synthetic feathers as the Primaries and Secondaries, such as the animatronic wings and the Foam and Feather mixes. Custom designs are still availible, though restictions do apply.