Welcome to The Crooked Feather!

Thank you for your visit to The Crooked Feather! We get lots of interest in our products and services, ranging from help with making your own all the way to buying a full custom set made by us! We are happy to accommodate your request. Please see the various options below to get started. Each option is a little different and can be a bit complicated, so please read everything before heading to our contact page. We get a little loony when questions can be answered on our front page, How to Order page or FAQ. :D Thank you!

How to Order

Ordering can seem a touch complicated if you are new to our process. We do not carry stock, and as such we can’t really post X number of sets at a certain size for sale. Having one of every possible size and coloration available has led to waves of orders all at once that we cannot keep up with. Each set takes roughly the same amount of time to make - around 80+ hours of labor. With that in mind, we switched to a system where what we really have for sale are our time slots for a set, not a certain size or color in stock. To order a set, you must first purchase your time slot in the form of a Voucher. This Voucher is non refundable, so please be ready to make your final purchase amount before ordering. You will have one week to make your final purchase on our Voucher page with a password and coupon code that will be sent to you after your Voucher purchase. If you want a moving set, please purchase an Articulating Voucher. If you want a stationary set, or one that can be posed instead of one that moves (think Victoria’s Secret) please purchase a Stationary Voucher. Vouchers go on sale on the first of the month, every month. If you want a better shot at voucher you can become a Crooked Club member and get access to Vouchers an hour before the public.

Please head to our Commission Pricing Page to purchase Crooked Club Memberships and Vouchers. You can also take a look at pricing for our sets by playing with sizes and coloration to see what the total cost of each configuration is, though all will be marked as “sold out”. These are left up for you as examples of our work so that you can get a good idea of what will fit into your budget, but are not how you order the actual sets - for ordering, you must purchase the appropriate voucher.

For more information on our purchasing system please visit the How To Order page and the FAQ page.



Kits are one of the few things we sell all the time. How fast we can get them out depends on how “put together” you want your kit, and how busy we are, and how quickly we can get parts in. However we guarantee you will get them way faster than a full set. This is a great option for those of you that want to enter a competition where you need to make your own costume (kits are generally allowed) or those of you on a budget. Along with my tutorials (which you can find on my Patreon) , these kits can help you make a lovely set of your own at a fraction of the cost. You will find these kits for sale under Commission Pricing.

Fairy Wings

We recently added some new stationary and flapping Fairy Wings to our product lineup. At this time, these products do not require a voucher, but will still have wish dates/completion dates similar to those of that month’s vouchers (i.e. if the vouchers in February have wish dates of May, so will the fairy wings).

frost fairy.jpg


For your benefit I have created some tutorials to help you make your own wings! You can find them on my Patreon. For measurements, parts lists, early access to my tutorials, and individual help with your project I recommend joining my Patreon. This means more direct individualized attention to you, and money for me to concentrate more on creating new and exciting projects and tutorials. Please note that these are for personal use only

You can also find some patterns for making your own wings on our Commission Pricing page.

Wing Patterns

You can also find some patterns for making your own wings on our Commission Pricing page. These can be printed at a retail print shop (such as Kinko’s) so that they are the full size of your wing set.

wing pattern.jpg